Spiritual Services

Tarot Readings & Spell Work - By - Señora - Elena Ceron

Currently Señora Elena only offers tarot readings and spell work in person only. From Mon-Sat ( 10am-6.30pm) only at our Pico location - 2010 W. Pico Blvd suite #4 Los Angeles CA 90006. Senora Elena has over 60 years experience in the art of tarot and is still sharing her gifts at the age of 90yrs old. There are no appointments available walk in only first come first serve. If you need a English translator one can be provided for you please text -213-235-8523 for translator availability. There is no time limit on the readings but most readings last from 15-30 minutes.   ALL READINGS AND SPELLWORK WITH  

Tarot Reading - $25 / with translator - $30  

Prepared Candles 


Tarot  Readings - By -Joanna 

Joanna is a third generation tarot reader and was taught by her grandmother Senora Elena. Miss JoJo was born & raised under the spiritual teachings of her Mother and Grandmother and has 10 yrs experience in the art of tarot and offers both in person and virtual readings. Readings both in person and virtual can be scheduled by appointment only click here to schedule - 

for more information please call - (    )



Limpias / Spiritual Cleansings - By - Señora Gladys 

Señora Gladys has been performing Limpias / spiritual cleansings for over 40 years. Her signature triple cleansing includes a egg cleanse, herb cleanse and smoke cleanse all in one to create a very powerful cleansing. Señora Gladys has been working in the spiritual arts for over 40 years and is an expert in spell work. Limpias can be scheduled by appointment only and are held at our 2nd Central location (1462 S. Central Ave LA CA 90021) every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-4pm. To check availability and schedule your appointment click here